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Our wishes

Thank you for looking at this website.

I am terribly shocked at an occurrence that my dear wife was died fourteen years ago.My daughter was only twelve yeas’s old then,but now she has become a pharmacist who works for patients.I am now working with composure at least,too.

We grief for the death of our dear families or pets.I hope that this website will become a close bond of affection between us.



Please check up and message us if you have any quesion

HIDEYASU's wife.
Died 14 years ago.

I am deeply grateful for many people who always help me.

Japanese-English Translator (the youngest daughter -a pharmacist)

Japanese,English,Chinese Translator&Internet production staff(graduated from the Nagoya University)Her father is an university professor.Yoko is her Chinese name.

(graduated from the Nagoya University)Proficient in Japanese, English, Chinese and computer.
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